Company overview

Chapters & Heights Investment Partners Limited is a funds/portfolio/asset Management Company licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission. The Company was Incorporated on the 1st Day of July, 2018 and commenced business on the 1st Day of January 2019.

The company commenced operations as a Licensed Lending Company with a capital sum of N100.0Million. Since commencement, the company has gone on to birth several subsidiaries in different but related business interests:

Chapters & Heights Investment Partners Limited is a SEC Licensed Asset Management firm with a mission to build heights of dreams for our investors & create financial freedom for our clients

Chapters and Finance Limited (Continued the Lending business since 2023)

The Company created and managed assets of up to N1.2Billion in 2023 and is in a very good position to challenge the LENDING SECTOR leaders in 2024. The company’s asset base in excess of N300.0Million.


Chapters & Heights Farms Limited

Changing the Food Game. Chapters and Heights Farms Limited (also known as C&H Farms) is a major player in the Poultry and Greenhouse business. The FARM commenced business on the 1st day of July 2021 and has gone on to become on of the leading players in the FROZEN GOOD industry, eggs and Greenhouse Production. The Company’s net asset as at the end of 2023 was over N500.0Million.


Chapters & Heights Real Estate Limited

The Company’s INVESTMENT in Real Estate is more strategic than trading. The Real estate was acquired as a base for the development of real asset for PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT product development. The Company intends to be the manager of the assets in-development.

With over 400 Customers across the group, Chapters & Heights Investment Partners Limited, as a PARENT COMPANY has built has built asset base of over N1.0Billion. The Company is managed by a team of Investment and financial expert, headed by the Managing Partner/CEO; Mr. Fidelis Okwuagwu, a seasoned financial expert with over 17 years in the Money and Capital Market Industry. Mr. Fidelis Okwuagwu’s proficiency is well enumerated on the last Chapters of this memorandum.

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“Courage taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets … any sound investment will eventually pay off.”

Carlos Slim Helu

Our Vision

“To Become a TOP-7 Portfolio Management Company in Nigeria by 2030 in Assets under Management and in Market Capitalization”

Our Mission

The 2-year Mission (2024/2025) is to;

“To create alternative value Portfolio products away from the Conventional financial instruments portfolio”.

“Navigate Portfolios through bearish periods and maximize the returns during bullish period”.

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