Our Team

  • Fidelis Okwuagwu

    Executive Chairman / CEO
    The founder of Chapters & Heights Group which comprises Chapters & Heights Investment Partners Limited,...
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  • Angel Ozumba

    Chief Investment Officer
    Angel Ozumba’s penchant for targeting undervalued securities at most times has earned her the nickname...
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  • Emmanuel Adejuwon

    Emmanuel Adejuwon is strict with personal drive to ensuring that regulatory rules and laws are followed....
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  • Segun Arowodasa

    Head of ICT & Human Resources
    Segun Arowodasa is the Head of ICT & Human Resources Departments. He has worked in ICT department of...
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  • Hope Okhirelen

    Monetary and Development Economist
    Hope Okhirelen is part of the team to help deal with the impact of micro and macroeconomic policies on...
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  • Hannah Akindojutimi

    Portfolio Manager
    Hannah Akindojutimi is the financial controller of Chapters & Heights Investment Partners Limited. Beyond...
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  • Ikechukwu Jonathan Mafiana

    Independent Strategist
    Mr. Mafiana is a seasoned professional in oil industry operations engineering, with extensive experience,...
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We are looking for proactive professionals with extensive business expertise and a high level of personal involvement to join our team. Send your CV now.