The Layers’ Equalization Project (Product Teaser)


The Layers’ Equalization Project (Product Teaser)

This product is under review with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Some features may be altered as this is a teaser.

  • This is a Portfolio/project that deals with the expansion of the Layers Production Capacity of our affiliate company- Chapters & Heights Farms Limited.
  • The Chapters & Heights Farms Limited currently has 11,000-layer bird capacity, producing @ an average 85% Peak a total of 300 crates per day. The Intention is to add an additional 11,000. This will double the Crates per day capacity to 600 Crates per day, 4200 crates weekly and 18,000 crates monthly (a 3-day production period).


The product paper of this project is undergoing review with the Securities & Exchange Commission

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