The Rubies Loft Portfolio (Product Teaser)


The Rubies Loft Portfolio (Product Teaser)

This product is under review with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Some features may be altered as this is a teaser.

  • The Rubies Loft Portfolio is a real estate Portfolio.
  • The Portfolio Objective is to Invest funds in a Real estate as a proper store of value in the face of rising inflation.
  • The Portfolios’ assets is the development of 30 studio Apartments specifically for student accommodation. The property site as at Akoka.
  • The Portfolio horizon and Investment tenor is 15 Months.
  • The Project returns will be funded from the:
    • Funds management of the float-in-construction.
    • Realized sales value of the Project.
    • The Return of the Project is 35.48%/15 Months Horizon
  • The Minimum Cost of Investment is N7,510,000
  • It is a closed ended scheme.

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