The Bull’s Eye (Product Teaser)

This product is under review with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Some features may be altered as this is a teaser

  • The BULLS’ EYE PORTFOLIO is an equities portfolio.
  • It is a 12 months product.
  • The Portfolio objective of the BULLS’EYE PORTFOLIO is to offer a significant premium above the Inflation numbers within the next 12 months.
  • The Portfolio return is made up of 3 components to arrive at 34.90%pa
  • The BULLS’ EYE Portfolio programme is an actively traded Portfolio programme.
  • It is a discretionarily managed account.
  • The portfolio will be reviewed with Investors/client on a quarterly basis. At the review, discussions such as portfolio Performance, current local economic conditions, global economic dynamics and such other things will be discussed.
  • Portfolio Minimum Investment sum for this programme is N10.0Million and can either be by Cash, cash and stocks or any proposed asset liquidation, as only near cash instruments can be used to be a part of this programme.
  • The portfolio is denominated in NAIRA.
  • For Management fees and charges, the Product Paper shall describe in details.

We shall be uploading the approved Product Paper in due course.

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