Oluseyi Olayinka Aoko

Oluseyi Olayinka AokoCompany Secretary


Seyi Aoko is a Graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University where he finished in 1998. He then proceeded to the Nigeria Law School and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1999. He has been in private legal practice since then and has practiced in various States of the Federation with a bias for Commercial Law, Labor Law, Property and Conveyancing Law and International Arbitration.

His core practice areas are Commercial Law, Property Law, Real Estate and Property Law, Shipping, Corporate, Registration of Foreign Judgments, Receiverships, Trademarks and Patents, Banks, Banking, Litigation, International Joint Ventures, International Trade and Finance.

He is a member of the Young Directors Forum of the Institute of Directors of Nigeria. He is also the Managing Partner of Pristine Solicitors, a private law firm in Lagos. My Seyi Aoko is Married with Children.

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